75 paintings were sold at Mary’s latest show at West Brendon in St Dominic. Hundreds of people visited during the week and appreciated the atmospheric paintings.

Mary continues to capture the beauty of her native Tamar Valley. Working out-of-doors in scintillating light, her vivid paintings are fresh and direct. She paints the light glistening on the river, shimmering across daffodil fields, through bluebell woods, and in orchards laden with ephemeral blossom. On bright mornings in winter, shadows extend across frosty fields with a sheen of ice and dew; in summer, pollen-laden grasses ripple above the sunlit valley.

Copyright Mary Martin 2016

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Bluebell wood at Cotehele - late afternoon sun (18 x 22 inches)

Turn of the tide at Cotehele Bridge - May morning (8 x 12 inches)

Foxgloves and Hawkweed (18 x 22 inches)

The Tamar Valley from Kit Hill in August (18 x 22 inches)

Daffodil rows and frosty landscape above the Tamar (18 x 22 inches)