From early in her career Mary has received many write-ups.

John Dalton, writing in the Guardian, described her as "that delicious water colourist" (22 May 1980);

as "boldly taking in the whole vista with its flow of field, hill and sky, changing pattern and atmosphere" (9 September 1981);

"she has great talent and a complete mastery of landscape from the delicate detail, flowers and plants in the foreground through sweeping vistas to high horizons of the Devon/Cornwall border" (26 November 1981).

More recently Simon Parker in the Western Morning News:

"her diligent recording of a changing landscape is profound, accomplished and beautiful" (22 March 2005);

"unashamedly beautiful, each painting provokes a feeling of balance, continuity, and timelessness" (3 April 2007);

"in essence, no-one paints like Mary Martin and few possess her authenticity" (20 May 2009).

"achieves a mastery of light" (24 May 2011).

Lane to the river near Trematon (22x18in)

Bluebell bank above the river (18x22in)

Actaea and Rouge narcissi above the river (18x22in)

Basket of strawberries in sunny meadow at Cleave (22x18in)

Summer pastures in evening sun (15x20in)

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